Bukhara, a city also called holy or blessed, which preserves unique monuments of ancient architecture. Bukhara was once one of the most important trading centers along the Silk Road, and numerous caravanserais and covered markets can still be found.

Among the visits include the Samani mausoleum, considered one of the most appreciated works of architecture in Central Asia, built in 905 as the resting place of Ismail Samani, a powerful and influential emir of the Samanid dynasty.

But in this fabulous city there are also the Ark fortress, the Chor Minor madrasa which in Persian means four minarets, the Po-i-kalyan complex, the Ulugbek madrasa and other architectural monuments of the period. Walk in the Jewish quarter where there is also a synagogue. The visit of the covered bazaars of Toqi Telpak and Toqi Safaron, the Maghoki-Attar mosque.

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