One of the oldest cities in the world, Samarkand was founded in the late 14th century BC. near an oasis and prospered thanks to trade. It was razed to the ground by Genghis Khan and flourished between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries thanks to Amir Temur (Tamerlane), a great leader and statesman who proclaimed Samarkand the capital of his empire.

Samarkand is wonderful and fascinating.
The pride of Samarkand is undoubtedly the majestic Registan Square, a scenic square occupied by a grandiose complex consisting of 3 madrasas: by Ulug Beg, Shir Dor and Tilya Kari, famous for the purity of the lines and the elegance of the majolica. The Bibi-Khanim mosque (15th century) with gigantic architecture also built by order of Tamerlane after his campaign in India, to show his power, to build it deported thousands of Indian artisans to Samarkanda.
Visit of the mausoleum. Gur-e.Amir (15th century) meaning “the emir’s tomb” is placed where Tamerlane and his followers are buried. The mausoleum was built by order of Tamerlane for his nephew Mukhammad Sultan, who died in 1403. Timur-e-lang (literally Timur the Lame, which we called Tamerlane) wanted to build the great Friday mosque with a style that had to make it resemble the paradise. (XVXVII century). Visit of the “Siyob” oriental bazaar.

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