Passport : required, with residual validity of not less than three months from the date of entry.

Visto : Starting from 2019 you will no longer pay the entry visa to enter Uzbekistan. Your passport will be stamped upon arrival at the airport in Uzbekistan.

Time zone : + 4 hours compared to Italy, + 3 hours when summer time is in force in Italy.

Security : The town and above all the archaeological sites are subject to control measures and have not so far presented particular security problems, both in terms of ‘public order and crime phenomena to the detriment of travelers and tourists. The Authorities have prepared adequate measures to guarantee security in the territory .

Every foreigner arriving in Uzbekistan must be registered upon entering the country. Registration is done automatically upon check-in at the hotel. Your hotel will provide you with a registration form which you must keep in your passport for the entire trip , which should be presented to representatives of state services if necessary. When you leave Uzbekistan, under passport control, the form will be checked.

Climate : to decide the departure for Uzbekistan, we recommend spring and autumn as the temperatures are milder. In fact, summers are generally very hot and dry, while winters are cold and dry. The ideal period would be from mid-March, April, May, June, from mid-August, September, October, November, December.

Depending on the type of tour and the season, always remember to bring appropriate clothes for visiting religious sites, warm clothes in case you will travel in winter, but beware that hotels and restaurants are very heated in winter , while in summer air conditioning.

Insurances : before leaving for the trip to Uzbekistan, it will be useful to take out a health insurance that also includes repatriation.

Health : First aid in Uzbekistan is free. Since the medicines are not of European origin, it is often difficult to assess the characteristics and compatibility of those available. It is therefore advisable to bring an adequate supply of necessary medicines with you. Careful observance of health and hygiene rules is recommended: drink only bottled water.

Currency : at banks and exchange offices in hotels, it is possible to exchange € uro and US dollars into Uzbek Sum >. (Offices do not accept banknotes if they are old, worn, torn or crumpled). Banknotes are only accepted in branches of the National Bank of Uzbekistan.

In Uzbekistan, Visa credit cards are not common outside restaurants and hotels. In shops it is best to pay in cash.

Internet access in Uzbekistan can be obtained in places where there are Wi-Fi points: hotels, cafes, restaurants, shopping centers. For those who want to have internet in any place, I recommend that you inform Golden Terra Travel, which will purchase the card before your arrival.

Prefix for Italy 0039 – Prefix from Italy 00998

The official language in Uzbekistan is Uzbek and Russian, English is spreading but more in the centers; for this the help of a local guide will be essential.

The departure procedure at the airport is simple: you need to check-in, pass through the security services, to get on the plane. For international flights, travelers are advised to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours prior to departure. Before leaving the hotel, check that you have the passport and the hotel registration form that was given to you on arrival. Your airline tickets.


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